A Work of Art.
Powered by Air.

Luxurious panoramic home elevators installed in as little as two days. No pit excavation, hoist way, or machine room needed.


Remarkable CraftsmanshipEngineered with Care

Featuring a revolutionary technology in the industry, PVE elevators are the only ones to be powered by air using the principles of pneumatics and vacuum.

Custom made for each home, every part is crafted with care using the most advanced materials and is pre-assembled and pre-tested in the factory prior to shipping.

Make your dream home come to life, affordably, with a new PVE elevator that requires minimal or no construction, no remodeling, and no hassle.

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A residential elevator in the living room
A residential home elevator in the dinning room
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Functionality, Design and Space in Perfect Harmony

Its modern, functional, and graceful design gives you 360º visibility without cables or pistons that block vision and require expensive maintenance.

Go where traditional elevators cannot and maximize your home space thanks to a self-supporting structure that requires minimal footprint.

No matter where you place your new PVE elevator, blending it in with a spiral staircase or even in the middle of your living room, you can still enjoy your view and space to the fullest.


Absolute Safetyand Peace of Mind

Safety is the number one priority in a PVE elevator. With a redundancy of safety features, and over 15 000 PVE elevators installed worldwide, there has never been an incident causing injury, ever. In the event of a power failure, the vacuum elevator cab automatically descends to the lowest level and the electromechanical door opens to allow passengers to exit. All models are certified by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and CSA.


Experience the Finest Way to Rise

Ascend in comfort and luxury with three models available that accommodate 1 to 3 passengers including a model that is wheelchair accessible. Elevate in style and move independently with up to 5 stops and 50 feet in height. Make your panoramic home elevator the highlight of your residence, stand-out from the crowd and marvel your guests with its elegant curves.

Make an Earth-Friendly Choice

The pneumatic vacuum elevator is the most environmentally-friendly residential home lift available on the market today. Powered by air mostly, it uses a 220V power supply and minimal energy consumption during ascent as well no energy for the descent. No annual maintenance required and no harmful oils and lubricants are used.

Financing is available on all our models. Speak with one of our specialists to explore your available options and find out what is best for your situation.

Moving Up Instead of Moving Out

Living in a multi-story house, there may come a time where additional accessibility to other floors is required. Installing a residential home elevator can provide you with the convenience and access you need today and for the future allowing you to remain in your dream home.


How much does the vacuum elevator cost?

The price of a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is very affordable when compared to a traditional hydraulic home elevator which can cost a staggering $100K. The price for a single passenger vacuum elevator starts at around only $40,000 CAD. Price depending on model, size, color, options and the number of stops.

How can I afford it?

Our home elevators are more affordable than you think. If you need financing before starting your home elevator project our team is ready to assist you in the process. Our recommended method of financing is through the CHIP program, also known as a reverse mortgage. To find out more and discuss your options please contact us.

How do I know it's safe?

Pneumatic vacuum elevators are fully certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and have gone through very rigorous testing. With over 15,000 installations in over 90 countries since 2002, there has never been an incident causing injury.

Will it cause damage to my house?

Installing the pneumatic elevator won’t cause any damage to your residence because unlike traditional hydraulic elevators it doesn’t require any excavation, hoist way or machine room. It only requires a 32-inch finished hole through the floor for the elevator cylinder (and you!) to pass. Rather than requiring a large elevator shaft, this self-contained home elevator rests on the existing ground floor.

What are the maintenance requirements?

The pneumatic home elevator is very easy to maintain and any maintenance required is very expedient and non invasive to your daily schedule. PVE elevators only need maintenance once every 5 years or approximately 15,000 lifts to replace the main seal. Unlike traditional hydraulic home elevators, you won’t need frequent inspections, annual maintenance or have expensive parts to replace.

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